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We’re an integrated communications agency with 20 years of experience. We have a strong PR background, providing clients with senior counsel and strategic advice that supports their overall business goals. We create content designed for audiences who are always connected, highly active and want to be engaged. This means applying journalistic cynicism and avoiding brand wank at all costs. We create and execute digital PR campaigns. Our social media experts provide everything you’ll need from asset creation and community management to influencer engagement, measurement and risk mitigation.





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As the ability to reach your Facebook audience diminishes, Groups let you reconnect with them and form a community. Find out why they’re the key to maximising engagement.

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Microcopy may seem simply functional, but its a chance for your brand voice to shine and your customer experience to be memorable.

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With brands and news articles banished from users’ news feeds, what will the changes to Facebook’s algorithms mean for you?

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Every forking accident happened to someone who thought it only happened to other people. Don't fall victim to a forklift because you went along with "Lift me up here will ya?" https://t.co/WxQjBmZNWQ #ForkliftSafety #ForkSafe

"This might seem heavy, but I lost my leg in a forklift accident." Think forklift safety is nothing to be worried about? Take a look at these real forklift incident stories and you might think again. https://t.co/OTKXEh1izh

Brands: A recipe for engagement with Facebook Groups in 10 simple steps by Spectum's @DigitalMediaBoy https://t.co/PCjlQqcixR #fb #facebook #NewsFeed

Advertisers and brands have already felt the impact of recent #Facebook news feed changes. @DigitalMediaBoy thinks Groups could be the key to increasing engagement. Here's why: https://t.co/hm1IP0ywBE

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