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We’re an integrated communications agency with 20 years of experience. We have a strong PR background, providing clients with senior counsel and strategic advice that supports their overall business goals. We create content designed for audiences who are always connected, highly active and want to be engaged. This means applying journalistic cynicism and avoiding brand wank at all costs. We create and execute digital PR campaigns. Our social media experts provide everything you’ll need from asset creation and community management to influencer engagement, measurement and risk mitigation.





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Once, design was a highly specialised field. But with new technology always around the corner, the successful designer today adapts to any format

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A trip to Disneyland is a masterclass in brand engagement. With an attention to detail that goes right down to the bins, everything tells a story. Here is what you can learn about your messaging and content from the Happiest Place on Earth

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Congrats! You just landed a new job and…oh wow…you’re starting a new job, oh god! “What do I wear?” “Will the others like me?” “They made a huge mistake. I’m not ready!” Before you have a meltdown, read on. As the newest edition to Spectrum I know exactly how you feel. I’m the littlest junior

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With new technology around every corner, being a successful designer means adapting to any format: https://t.co/gb7RR2Dsmm #designthinking

Fascinating hearing about what life on Mars would be like at #DellEMCForum. Now to the #geekpit for a selfie on the red planet.

Big day ahead at #DellEMCForum. Let's do it! @DellEMCANZ

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