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We’re an integrated communications agency with 20 years of experience. We have a strong PR background, providing clients with senior counsel and strategic advice that supports their overall business goals. We create content designed for audiences who are always connected, highly active and want to be engaged. This means applying journalistic cynicism and avoiding brand wank at all costs. Our social media experts provide everything you’ll need from asset creation and community management to influencer engagement, measurement and risk mitigation.


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It seems like every other week there’s blown gaskets over something a brand says or does. But, assuming you are not the sort of company that physically assaults customers, how worried do you need to be that next week it will be your turn?

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Working in PR fosters certain traits that almost always creep into the way we behave off the clock, so if you are friends with (or, god forbid, married to) someone in the comms industry, don’t be surprised when these things happen to you

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So you’ve graduated from uni and are looking to land your first job as a PR account executive. What should you expect your day to look like? Spreadsheets, shark suits and seeding is the answer.

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