29 Mar 2015
8 Ways To Grow Your Blogging Audience

8 Ways To Grow Your Blogging Audience

Blogging is difficult once you’ve made a commitment to maintain a high level of quality. If you’re writing once a week or more you need to be constantly on the lookout for new topics. Then there’s the time you have to put aside every week to turn these ideas into engaging copy, source quality images to support your post and all the other little bits and pieces like optimising for search engines and making sure you have the best possible headline. Having done all of this you publish a piece of content you’re proud to put your name against. Then nobody outside of your office reads it. So where did you go wrong?

Unfortunately there are lots of potential reasons why you haven’t managed to build an audience for your blog. The good news is that it’s sure to be some combination of the following factors. By going through the checklist below and fixing them, you’ll be well on the way to building the audience your content deserves. Are you ready? OK, let’s go through them:


If you can’t identify who you’re writing for then you should stop immediately. Nobody is going to read, let alone share, content they can’t relate to. It’s the very foundation of content marketing. On a related subject, have you embraced your niche? Trying to please everybody is a sure way to interest nobody.


This is the single most important feature of your post. Write a great headline and plenty of people will share your content without even reading it. Write a poor one and you’ll be scrolled off the vast majority of screens without a second thought.

Meta Descriptions

These play an important role in making your content more visible on search engines but, just as importantly, they offer a second bite of the engagement cherry. Potential readers who are half interested in your headline will use the meta description to help them decide whether they should click through.


Using poor quality stock images is one of the most effective ways to get your content ignored. Take time to source or create quality images and make sure to include alt text to make them more searchable.


Ranking for single words is very difficult so build a list of phrases with four or five words and concentrate on being associated with those. They must be queries you can imagine customers and prospects using when they start searching for solutions.


Ideally the blog posts you publish over a period of months and even years should all be on a handful of related topics. So it makes sense to link to previous content you’ve written where it builds on the message of your latest post. This offers more value to your readers and increases search engine credibility.


You should have a box featured very prominently on the home page giving readers the option to subscribe. Never put it at the bottom of the page where a large percentage of visitors will never see it.


Do you have social share buttons? We all like to share content that we’ve enjoyed with our own audience so make it easy for your readers to do the same. Only offer platforms that are valued by your audience and make sense for your brand.

This is not an exhaustive list but does offer a good starting point for building the audience your content deserves. Yes blogging is difficult but it’s also richly rewarding and should be a valuable asset for your business. If you’re bothering to produce quality content you really should give it the best chance of getting noticed.

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