30 Nov 2016
Digital marketing

How To Beat Your Competition With Digital Marketing

Do you want Google to give your website a high ranking? The short answer is yes, of course. Everyone wants to be number one and there’s nothing wrong with that. However, before you spend all your time and money chasing top spot bragging rights, take a step back and look at the bigger picture.

Running a successful digital marketing strategy is about optimising for performance, not position. Online competition is fierce and it can cost a lot to win the race, but getting higher rankings should always be a means to an end, not the goal itself. As a recent Marketo webinar noted, search engine optimisation (SEO) is the beacon to the land of great marketing.

There’s no doubt high quality, valuable and original content is key to helping you rank above others. Here are three ways to make sure it’s delivering back to your business:

Knowing Your Audience

Don’t get wrapped up in your own world of developing and measuring keywords. Think about who you’re optimising to. What are their personas? What language do they use? Where are they in their buying cycle? You wouldn’t go into a Japanese restaurant and order your meal in Italian. The same concept applies to digital marketing. Stepping back and getting a strong sense of what your audience understands and wants will help you connect with them. Verifying your assumptions also gives you authenticity that will set you apart from your competitors.

Focusing On The Correct Metrics

The novelty of being able to measure everything for measurement’s sake has worn off. You need to interpret and respond to it ensure your brand is getting the relationship, sales or enagement it needs from your content. You may not be able to control your data, but you can control how you use it. Think about your objectives for each channel and align your metrics accordingly.

Google users are actively looking for something, so your metric here would be customer acquisition. On Facebook, you may want to drive people to your company website by sending them deals and promotions. In order for leads to turn into opportunities, you need great performance on the front and back-ends. What’s the point of getting thousands of clicks if they don’t turn into sales?


Embracing Social Media

Having an effective social media strategy is one of the most important determinates to your brand’s success. A global survey of 500 chief marketing officers (CMOs) by Marketo and The Economist found that social media is the number one channel through which CMOs expect their customers to engage with their brand by 2020. This makes a good case for ensuring social media is your priority. But you don’t need to be everywhere. Relating back to my first point, know which social channels your audience engages with, and plan for each channel individually. On top of finding out what’s important to your audience and their familiarity with your brand, use different social channels to see what they say about you (and your competitors)!

Your audience isn’t looking for more content; they’re looking for better content. There’s always an improvement to be made. It takes a lot of testing, tweaking and hard work to figure out exactly what will put you ahead of your competition. When you achieve strong business value with your digital marketing strategy, bragging rights will soon follow.


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