03 Mar 2017
How to recover when you say the wrong name

The Dangers Of Saying The Wrong Name…And How To Recover

We all secretly worry about saying the wrong name at the worst possible time. At least after this week, we can rest easier. If you ever do call Rebecca “Leslie” just look her in the eye and say ” it happens to everyone. Just look at Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway at the Oscars.”

While many a comedian built lengthy routines out of the mortifying idea of saying the wrong name in the bedroom, it turns out there are worst places to do it. Such as on stage at the Oscars, while announcing the biggest award of the night, the Best Picture. And if professionals as seasoned as Beatty and Dunaway can get the name wrong, then it can happen to any of us. Luckily this week we learned how to deal with it too:

  1. Act like nothing happened

Beatty knew they’d announced the wrong name, but rather than immediately apologise, he stood back to see if they would get away with it. They did not.

  1. When called out, say it’s not your fault. Someone made you do it.

As soon as the kerfuffle began on stage, Beatty was right back at the front making sure everyone knew that they had simply read an envelope out loud. It was not their fault they’d said the wrong name.

  1. Blame the accountant

Ah, the age-old defence of blaming the accountant. We call this the “Technology Company’s Taxes Defence”. This started a week-long witch hunt for the PwC accountant who dared make Hollywood legends look silly on stage. So, if you ever say the wrong name, just point at your accountant and say it’s their fault. Also, who knew accountants got to go the Oscars? Seriously, I’m regretting failing maths at school right now.

Nokia Goes Back To The Future

What to do when you are a company who once dominated the market, but were completely disrupted and then launched string, after string, of new products to try to catch up, but they all flopped? Well, you bring back the old product and hope people are nostalgic. Obviously.

As had been rumoured for months, the company did indeed revive one of its most beloved mobile phones this week. It announced at the Mobile World Congress that the Nokia 3310 was back, baby.

The original handset was famed for its durability. It was a dumb phone, without all those energy-sucking apps, giving it mind-boggling battery life. The new 3310 can be on standby for a month. That’s certainly appealing when some iPhone need to be charged so frequently they are essentially a landline. The new handset is available in four colours, with a bigger screen and a camera, but other than that it’s the same phone. Right down to the game of Snake.

Why not bring back a 17-year-old phone? We live in the age of nostalgia. All the bands from our youth are doing reunion tours.

Perhaps that’s what inspired Nokia.

“Hey, Aleksi, I saw The Libertines live the other week, they were amazing. I love when things from my teenage years come back!”

“Leo you genius!! We’ll bring back the 3310!”

Sadly, just like S Club 3’s (née S Club 7) tour of Australia, it might generate a lot of talk in the office, but that does not necessarily translate into actual sales.  Am I really gonna go buy a 3310? Nope. Not even the one with Putin on it.

Good job on finally getting some good press again Nokia, but I can’t see it lasting when your next financials come out.

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