29 Feb 2016
How To Produce The Best Content For B2B Lead Generation

How To Produce The Best Content For B2B Lead Generation [SlideShare]

As a B2B marketer there are lots of good reasons to produce quality content. You want to build brand awareness, engage your target audience and improve customer retention. Yet new research from the Content Marketing Institute shows these important metrics are all secondary to the one measure that really defines the success of your efforts – lead generation.

When asked to name the organisational goals of B2B content marketing, 85 per cent of those surveyed said lead generation. This was ahead of sales (84 per cent), lead nurturing (78 per cent) and brand awareness (78 per cent). You’re investing a lot of time and effort to create content so how do you make sure it’s generating as many leads as possible? You should start by following these golden rules of content creation:

The Golden Rules Of Content Creation
  • Meaningful – Does the content you’re producing resonate with your audience? Is it useful? Does it fulfill a need or a want?
  • Actionable – What do you want your audience to do after engaging with this piece of content? What are the next steps?
  • Shareable – Is it something your audience will share with their social networks? Have you made it easy for them to do it?
  • Searchable – Do you have the right keywords and tags to be found easily online? What is your audience searching for?
  • Relevant – Is your content easily related to your business? What are the topics you want to be known as an authority on?
  • Readable – Is it well written and concise? Have you used dense text, small fonts, long paragraphs or industry jargon?
  • Consistent – Does your latest creation build on the message in earlier assets? Are you maintaining brand voice and style?

Considering each of these golden rules every time you produce a new piece of content will have a clear impact on the number and quality of leads you’re generating. Here are four more tips you should build into your content strategy to improve lead generation.

Set Clear Goals

When the primary aim is lead generation, your team needs to produce lots of content designed to fill the top of the sales funnel. Setting clear goals and targets will help you to measure success more effectively. How many leads do you need to generate for the sales team to hit their target during the next quarter, how many pieces of content will that require and which topics or formats have been most effective in the past?

Go Big (But Stay Targeted)

Where does your target audience spend most of their time and what do they care about? Focus on creating great content that addresses a small number of problems for a very specific audience. Be prepared to concentrate largely on the same topic for weeks, or even months, instead of trying to cover all bases. Remember that quality will always trump quantity.

Pick The Right Channel

The three most important factors when comparing channels are volume, quality and cost-per-lead. It isn’t new or trendy but you still can’t beat email when you consider all three metrics together. Social media isn’t generally the best channel for B2B lead generation but LinkedIn is the most effective. It can be relatively expensive to target people through the world’s largest professional network but it does get your message in front of the right audience.

Embrace Peer Power

There are lots of studies illustrating the undeniable power of peer-to-peer marketing. Global research firm Nielsen says 92 per cent of consumers trust word-of-mouth and recommendations from friends or family above all other forms of advertising. So always ask your customer for a testimonial following the successful completion of a project. You’ll be surprised at how often they will be happy to help.

A Final Thought

These tips will help you generate higher quality leads and build a stronger sales pipeline. Just remember lead generation is an important first step on the road to creating healthy long-term customer relationships. It’s the start of your content journey and not the end. Now that you’ve filled the top of the funnel you’ll need content that helps close the deal and delights your existing customers.

 By Margaret Lim

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