18 Nov 2015
How To Reclaim Your Time And Unleash Your Creativity

How To Reclaim Your Time And Unleash Your Creativity

As PR Consultants, we’re constantly trying to think of fresh, new ideas to reach our audience. There’s no doubt we have the opportunity to be the story tellers of today. But coming up with a story to take our audience on a worthwhile journey can take a lot of time. Time that we generally feel is lacking. With workloads and client requests increasing each day, how can we ensure we have the time we need in order to be creative, high-quality story tellers and still meet our deadlines?

Here are four factors to consider next time you’re feeling too busy to be creative:

1. Talk To Your Audience

You are not your own audience. When you’re coming up with ideas, remember that your story needs to resonate with what your audience considers to be most important. What are they struggling with? What are they thinking about? Take just 20 minutes a week to talk to your audience and find out. This could be your clients, influencers, customers, media, or even your colleagues. You will be amazed at how creative you will feel and how much time you will save as a result.

2. Stop Doing Fake Work

What keeps you from coming up with great stories? Whether it’s too many meetings, conflicting priorities or an excessive amount of emails, there is always some form of work that feels more urgent and we find ourselves sacrificing creativity for productivity. Refine your processes and learn to say no to requests which don’t tie back to your overall goal.

3. Ditch The Group

Creativity is about collaboration, however this doesn’t necessarily need to be the first step. Groups are great for selecting the best ideas. Individuals are great for generating ideas. It’s safe to say we’ve all been in the brainstorm where after an hour or two, we still haven’t cracked the big idea. Rather than brainstorm, brain-write. When you’re ready, get together as a group to present your ideas and decide on the best one. Put these into a pipeline and you’ll find that you never have to start from scratch. Being creative suddenly becomes less intimidating.

4. Embrace Creativity

As PR people, creativity is at the core of what we do. However, the need to check things off the to-do list often seems more imperative and perhaps easier in comparison to working with concepts that aren’t yet fully formed (ie: being creative.) Anyone can be creative and we need to approach it as a way of operating rather than an acquired skill or talent, as new ideas are always going to require experimentation and evolution.

Let us know your ideas for nurturing creativity below.

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