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Cancelling Out The Noise

B&O Play needs to stand out. Its high-end consumer audio tech competes in a tough field that’s crowded with offerings from larger competitors with greater marketing budgets. In December 2016, B&O Play launched the H9, a beautiful pair of active noise-cancelling headphones aimed at the top end of the market. One of the most competitive times of year for reviews, we needed to get journalists’ attention within a tight budget.

Building Influence

We put the H9’s noise-cancelling to good use. Ahead
of the launch we selected key influencers from News.com.au, Gizmodo, the Seven Network and more who we wanted to review the H9s for their audiences. Since we knew these journalists would be making the long trip to CES 2017 in Las Vegas in January, we provided them with a travel kit with everything they needed for the flight. This included a luxury eye mask, LA-themed reading material and a pair of the H9s for them block out the roar of the engine and the potentially annoying person seated next to them, and travel in peace on the plane.


Breaking the Review Cycle

We smashed all expectations for the H9’s review cycle. Not only did the campaign result in 20 published reviews, but coverage specifically centred around its core feature – noise cancelling. Two of the journalists requested to purchase their own H9s following the exercise. Finally, we spurred great attendance at the B&O Play CES stand, as Australian journalists took interest in the brand its commitment to quality.


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