15 Dec 2016
2017 predictions

What’s In Store For 2017? Here Are Eight Predictions

2016 was an interesting year. From Brexit and the shock election of Donald Trump to the passing away of some beloved famous faces, it was a year that delivered many blows.

But 2016 also saw massive tech innovations and plenty of good news. The Rio Olympics delivered stories of sportsmanshipPokémon Go brought artificial intelligence to the mainstream. Self-driving cars became an everyday reality. Drones delivered the goods. And many countries vowed to sign a ground-breaking climate pact.

So as the year draws to a close, the team at Spectrum has been mulling over the next 12 months. How will the communications and technology landscapes change? What innovations will dominate our conversations (and shopping carts) in the coming months? Here are eight predictions for 2017:

Brian, Content Director

“A growing number of businesses will build data analytics into content”

Data analytics is well established as a way of delivering valuable insight. Anybody can have an opinion but what we know has much greater currency than what we think. Expect to see a growing number of businesses exploring opportunities to build these methods into their content marketing.  Brands who make an investment in data-driven storytelling will deliver greater value to their clients and reap the rewards that this brings – greater engagement, stronger relationships and ultimately increased sales.

Jes, Client Services Director

The press release will continue to lose relevance.”

In 2017, journalists will continue to find alternative sources for their stories. From social media to industry contacts, journos have plenty of ways to dig up interesting news. With the pressures of the 24-hour news cycle and eternal filing deadlines, why would they waste time writing the same story as everyone else when they can focus on creating something unique and local to drive readership?

Rachel, General Manager

“The most effective brands are doing more than just storytelling”

We’ll move further into the experiential space, where the most effective brands are doing much more than just telling stories to their customers – they’re giving them a true, immersive experience which allows them to create their own stories and memories to share.

Cheryl, Country Manager

“Every brand will need to embrace new forms of discovery”

Every consumer with a smartphone is researching brands and searching for valuable content online. The ship has already sailed on this one, but it’s not too late to jump on board. If your company hasn’t developed the right kind of audience-centric content to make your brand discoverable on mobile, in 2017 it will be non-negotiable.

Kris, Account Director

“Artificial intelligence will become a home partner for many”

The push to get AI-like services onto the smartphone has been done, and few iPhone or Android users are unaware of Google Now or Siri. Devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo will take us to the next stage – gathering data from your mobile device and linking it to actual activities you perform at home (cleaning, cooking, shopping) to help make life more efficient.

Annie, Content Strategist

“Marketers will expand their definition of content”

Marketers will continue to ramp up investment in content but 2017 will see them expand their definition of what that really means. Rather than just blasting out blog posts across social platforms, brands will increasingly realise the value of native content created for specific audiences across all their marketing channels, from email to social media. Brands will also embrace long-form content as audiences tire of ‘snackable’ fluff pieces and look for stories that deliver genuine value.

Jade, Account Executive

“The path between in-store and online will become clearer”

Personalised offers and promotions will be developed on the fly, in real time, using customer and geographical data. We’ll see customers sent mobile vouchers as they’re walking past stores, and the path to in-store purchases from online activity will become clearer, with platforms like Facebook already allowing businesses to track store conversions from social ads.

Kerrie, Content Writer

The Internet of Things will become a day-to-day reality”

IoT will permeate every aspect of our lives, from preventative maintenance to traffic flow management.  That means that it will also be the year in which the security issues around the IoT become part of the mainstream conversation. The two DDoS attacks late in 2016 – one that took services like Twitter, Amazon and Spotify offline and another that targeted journalist Brian Krebs – demonstrate that in the race to enable smart devices, we’ve left ourselves vulnerable. They were just the start.

Take a look at what Spectrum MD Ben Shipley thinks is in store for Spectrum Group next year:

What’s in store for Spectrum Group in 2017? from Spectrum Group on Vimeo.

What do you predict for the next 12 months? We’d love to hear your thoughts, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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