17 Mar 2016
Why PR Needs To Be A Priority For Your Australian Start-up

Why PR Needs To Be A Priority For Your Australian Start-up

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has placed innovation firmly on the technology agenda, there are more and more opportunities for Australians to take an entrepreneurial venture down the start-up path. With a strong environment to support local talent, innovation and creativity, Australia is well placed to become one of the most ideal environments for locals to harness their ambition and create a viable start-up. But with tight budgets and resources, every investment needs to pay off – quickly.

Of course you need to identify the essentials which will help get your business off the ground, like figuring out your budget, creating a business plan and setting up a website. However it is important to look beyond what will deliver immediate financial benefits to what can help lay the foundation for future success.

This is where public relations comes in, helping you establish and grow your brand’s reputation by getting your message in front of the right audience. As a new, local start-up, chances are your business isn’t yet well known on a national or global scale. In order to operate on a level playing field with international competitors, it’s imperative to get into the public eye sooner rather than later.

Here are five ways PR can help your start-up succeed:

1. Develop Your Message

You have good ideas to share and something to say, so, how should you say it? The value and purpose of your message should resonate with anyone, whether they’re technical or not. A PR team will take the time to craft your message, ensuring it is clear and concise and suits the audience and platform you’re working to target.

2. Connect With Your Audience

Once you’ve developed your voice, you can find your place in the market. As well as managing your brand reputation, a PR team communicates your message in a unique way that clearly highlights your start-up’s relevance and significance to your target audience. As well as helping you identify which audience you should be targeting, PR professionals have existing relationships within the communities your brand is looking to enter.

3. Showcase Your Expertise To The Media

Before you begin pitching your start-up, it’s important to understand what constitutes newsworthiness. What added value does your organisation bring to the market? What benefits does your product or service provide to your customers? With effective PR, you can tailor your pitch to be relevant to each journalist’s coverage area and audience, which is not only important for gaining cut through but building media relationships for the longer term.

4. Manage A Crisis

Every business is vulnerable to crises, and for a new and evolving start-up, the challenges are amplified. To effectively manage a crisis, you need to prepare in advance. A PR team works with you to anticipate crises, develop a plan and train spokespeople, which will help reduce damages should an issue arise.

5. Measure Your Success

You’ve invested time and money in PR, so how can you determine whether it has increased the credibility and awareness of your brand? A PR team has a suite of measurement tools and tactics to suit your outcomes, whether that’s looking at your start-up’s share of voice in the market, thought leadership messaging cut-through, competitive positioning, and levels of influencer engagement.


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