13 Apr 2015
Why Your Brand Needs A Content Editor

Why Your Brand Needs A Content Editor

For many people who haven’t worked in the publishing industry, an editor is somebody with a red pen behind their ear who checks your writing for factual accuracy and spelling mistakes. Yet to view the role in this way is a big mistake because it completely misses the value they will add to your business.

Research from the Content Marketing Institute shows about nine out of 10 brands are already producing some form of content marketing. Two out of three companies in Australia will increase their spending on content this year. So without knowing anything about your business I can confidently predict it’s a publisher on some scale. Now it’s time to start acting like one and that means appointing an editor. Here’s why:

Putting Your Audience First

Content marketing is about engaging a clearly defined target audience in a way that builds trust over time. Focusing on the needs and wants of this audience is the most important value an editor brings to the table. Whether their background is in newspapers and magazines, broadcast or online, they approach every story with the same critical focus. They want to know what’s in it for the reader, listener or viewer. If the content you’re producing isn’t compelling to the target audience it’s a waste of time.

A good editor will put a spike through the rubbish and keep your content on target.

Knowing A Good Story

When I went to Content Marketing World in Sydney for the first time this year, I was struck by how many of the presenters were former journalists. The ability to find the most relevant angle in a story and give it maximum impact is why brands have become so interested in hiring talent from the publishing industry. Amanda Gome, a former Fairfax editor who now heads up digital and social media at ANZ Bank, said she felt like a kid in a sweet shop the first time she walked through the bank’s offices. Here she was, surrounded by senior executives and analysts with great stories to tell.

Extracting Maximum Value

Producing large volumes of quality content is a constant challenge for all brands. An experienced editor is well used to dealing with this problem because they’ve had a set number of pages to fill every day, week or month. Working under this constant pressure means they know how to extend the life of a great story by coming up with fresh angles that inject new life into a topic. They will also help your brand extend the reach of its best content by combining different elements into multiple formats.

Introducing Some Consistency

Much of the content your brand is producing comes from different sources. You probably have multiple contributors to your company blog, case studies are written by different members of the marketing team and you have a handful of senior executives who get involved with customer communications. It can be very jarring for your audience if it sounds like all of this content has been put together by different people. An editor will bring some much needed consistency to your content that will help your brand find its voice.

So it’s true that an editor will check your facts and spot any grammatical errors but they have so much more to offer. If you’re serious about engaging your audience, it’s time you appointed one to manage your content marketing efforts. Your audience will notice the difference and that can only be good for business.

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